All in God’s Own Time

Author: Dianne Wilkinson
Copyright: © Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by Permission.
Album: The Prestigious Cathedral Quartet (1984)

1. Noah said, “Lord when will it rain?
“My body’s all bent with my aches and pain
“Everybody calls me a foolish man
“It looks like the end of the line.”
The Lord said, “Noah, keep building the ark
“One day soon it’s gonna get real dark
“But you’ll come through singing like a lark
“All in God’s own time.”

All in God’s own time, my friend
All in God’s own time
Even when you can’t seem to get ahead
Or always falling behind
Now don’t you feel blue, don’t you feel so bad
When it looks like the end of the line
He’s gonna work out all of your plans
All in God’s own time.

2. Moses said, “Lord what will I do?
“These Hebrew children got me feeling blue
“They just won’t live like you want ’em to
“It looks like the end of the line”
God said, “Moses, you’re a real good man
“Keep on moving just like we planned
“Soon you’ll get to the promised Land
“All in God’s own time”

3. Job said, “Lord, I might as well be dead
“You took my children and everything I had
“I’m hurtin’ all over and I feel so bad
“It looks like the end of the line”
God said, “Job, don’t you fuss and fret
“Listen, boy, I never failed you yet
“I’m gonna give you back everything that you had
“All in God’s own time.”

Repeat Chorus

God’s own time
God’s own time
All in God’s own time