Better Days

Author: George Younce.
Copyright: Eternal Productions (SESAC). Used by Permission.
Album: Everything’s Alright (1971)
Album: Then I Found Jesus (1979)

1. This old world’s full of hate, rioting in every state
They say we ought to change old-fashioned ways
There is a change we need to make; the holy hand of God to take
And He will lead us on to better days

2. The old folk say that trouble is our youth
The young folk ask the question, “What is Truth?”
Troubles keep right on a-brewin, everybody talkin’, and nobody doin’,
The more the hand of God we need to take

We need to take hold of God’s mighty hand
It is the only answer for our land
If we’d only trust in Him
Then our paths would not be dim
And He will lead us all to better days

3. Some preachers in this land of ours say “God is dead, He has no powers”
They say we ought to use our common sense
Well, common sense to me, my friend, is trusting Jesus ’till the end
And He will lead us all to better days

4. The truth that all the world is searching for
Will not be found in fighting any wars
God is truth and God is love; we must seek guidance from above
And He will lead us all to better days

Repeat Chorus twice

Better days
Better days
Better days