Death Has Died

Authors: Ernie Haase & Carolyn Cross
Copyright: Homeward Bound Music (BMI) / First Verse Music (BMI). Used by permission.
Album: High and Lifted Up (1993)

1. In the Garden of Eden, it was the end of freedom
For death was born and life began to die
God took the fallen man, clothed the guilt and then
Forgave the sin and gave the world a sign

There would come a time when God would draw the line
Death and deity would meet head-on
There on Calvary’s hill the lamb of God was killed
And by his death, life forever won

Death has died, the chains have been broken
Death has died, my heart sings without end
Death has died, Heaven’s door is now open
Death has died, and we can live again

2. They carried Him away to an unfamiliar grave
They rolled the stone in place, but not for long
For on the third day as Mary came to that place
She found His clothes lying there for He was gone

But the story doesn’t end, this is where it all begins
Because He lives, we too can have new life
Oh, even though we all must face death and the grave
We too shall rise, because death has died

Repeat Chorus