Author: Kirk Talley.
Copyright: © Kirk Talley Music (BMI). Used by Permission.
Album: Colors of His Love (1981)
Album: Telling the World About His Love (1983)

1. In the middle of the forest stands a tree of evergreen
Standing boldly in the sunlight, waving gently in the breeze
Though the storms of life may batter evergreen still standing tall
Rooted firm in its foundation stands a symbol for us all

Lord, let me be an evergreen for You
Let me stand straight and tall, live faithful and true
Though the winds of despair rustle through the air
This is my prayer to be an evergreen

2. Though all things change around me I just want to be the same
Ever pleasant in His service, always lifting up His name
While in comfort from the Father, on His shoulders I will lean
Grant me strength, Lord, to fight my battles; bless all Your evergreens

Repeat Chorus