God Delivers Again

Author: Ronald Michael Payne.
Copyright: © Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by permission.
Album: Favorites Old and New (1983).
Album: Colors of His Love (1981)

1. Standing there at the Red Sea
God’s people began to complain
“Soon Pharaoh and His mighty army
Would take us in bondage again.”
“Stand still and see the salvation
“Of the Lord,” Moses cried
Then God parted the waters
And they crossed to the other side

God delivers again, oh, my God delivers again
When it seems that all is lost, He reaches down His hand
When all the forces of evil have to flee at His command
Just when things look hopeless, my God delivers again

2. “We’ll never bow to your idols,”
The Hebrew children proclaimed
So the King gave the command,
“Throw them into the flame”
The King said, “Did we not cast three men
“Into the furnace bound?
“I see four men loose in in the fire
“Unhurt, and they’re walking around!”

Repeat Chorus twice