God Himself the Lamb

Author: Robert Griffith.
Copyright: Onward Bound Music (ASCAP). Used by permission..
Album: Symphony of Praise (1984)

1. Although Abraham could not understand how God in His great love
Could ask him for the only son he had
Yet when it seemed to him all hope was dim, his faith this promise sang
“God will provide Himself a Lamb”

God will provide Himself a Lamb
The only sacrifice that sin demands
Just as He proved to Abraham, He would provide Himself a Lamb
Behold the Lamb, God Himself the Lamb

2. Then the promise rang; unto Bethlem this God reached down to mand
And gave to us the only Son He had
Then when His time had come, with His precious blood He sealed redemption’s plan
And God provides Himself a Lamb

Repeat Chorus

Behold the Lamb, Behold the Lamb
Behold the Lamb of God, God Himself a Lamb