He Didn’t Come Down

Author: Al Harking.
Copyright: Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by permission.
Albums: Especially For You (1985)

1. Often I stop to think just where I’d be
Had Jesus come down from that cruel tree
There’d be no hope for man, no peace to be found
Thank God, I’m glad that He didn’t come down

He didn’t come down, oh, no, He didn’t come down
Ten thousand angels were camped all around
He could have called them to set Him free
But He stayed on the cross for you and for me

2. Picture His mother there with tears in her eyes
As they mocked and scorned Him and pierced His side
They said, “If Thou be King, then come to the ground”
But He prayed, “Forgive them,” and He didn’t come down

Repeat Chorus twice