He is the Dearest Friend

Author: George Younce.
Copyright: © Eternal Music (SESAC). Used by Permission.
Album: Easy on the Ears, Heavy on the Heart (1976)

He is the dearest Friend I ever had
He was the same kind of friend to Mom and Dad

Repeat Chorus

1. When I was a young man, my momma said to me
“Don’t run in the wrong paths, or you’ll find misery”
She said to trust in Jesus and hold my head up high
Don’t crawl with the serpents for surely you will die
She said to take the Bible
God’s Word to us through man
Apply the truths to my own life
And then I’d find a Friend

Repeat Chorus

2. Daddy was a good man; one day he told me, “Son,
“Don’t fight any battles that’s already been won”
He said there was a Savior one day at Calvary
Fought a mighty battle, and He won for you and me
He said if would ask Him
To save my soul from sin
That He would come and walk me
And that I’d find a friend

Repeat Chorus twice