He Is the Great I Am

Authors: George Amon Webster, George Younce
Copyright: © Headline Pub. / BMI. Used by permission.
Album: For Keeps (1979)

He is the great I Am

1. He is the breath of spring
The One who moves the Robin sing
He is the light in everything
He is the great I AM

2. The laughter in a baby’s eyes
The comforter when mother cries
He is the rainbow in the sky
He is the great I AM

3. He is the Lover of my Soul
He keeps His sheep within the fold
He is my silver and my gold
He is the great I AM

4. He is the Sword within my Hand
He is the hope of every man
The wind that blows at His command
He is the great I AM

King of Kings, and Lord of Lords
The coming Prince of Peace
And every knee shall bow to Him
When the clouds split in the east
And we’ll have a harp, with a thousand strings
A snow white robe and crown
Then we shall live forevermore
With the great I AM