He’s My Lighthouse

Copyright: Onward Bound Music (ASCAP). Used by permission..
Album: Especially For You (1984)

1. Oftentimes we get discouraged and we think that no one cares
It’s hard to find somebody just to sit down to talk and share
About the things that God has promised, and the things that He will be
In the song that I am singing, this is what He means to me

He’s my lighthouse (He’s my lighthouse)
He’s my bridge over over troubled waters (He’s my bridge)
He’s the old ship of Zion (He’s the old ship) out on the ranging sea (on the raging sea)
He’s my Cornerstone (He’s my Cornerstone)
He’s the one I’m leaning on (He’s the ony)
He’s the Man who conquered Calvary (He’s the Man)
He’s the Rock I’m standing on

2. Let us lift our hearts toward Heaven and thank Him for His love
He showed a new beginning on the wings of a dove
For He brought us through the dark nights and helped us through our sorrow
I’m excited in the Spirit, I can sing about His love

Repeat Chorus three times