I Enjoy the Trip

Author: Kirk Talley.
Copyright: Hopper Brothers & Connie Publishing. Used by Permission.
Albums: Greater (1983)

1. I heard songs about people walking life’s dark, weary highway
Songs of how we stumble and fall, how we slide and slip
But I am here to tell you there’s victory in Jesus
I know things could be better, but I enjoy the trip

I enjoy the trip walking with my Savior
I enjoy the trip holding to His hand
When life begins to taste a little low, Jesus adds the flavor
At His table I will dine; I am His and He is mine
I am happy all the time, ’cause I enjoy the trip

2. Even though the sun comes up and tomorrow may look brighter
I’m happy in the Lord today, ’cause He makes my load lighter
And it seems as if He seems to lift me up when I get weary
Some folks think I’m flip, but I enjoy the trip

Repeat Chorus