I Know He’s Mine

Author: George Younce.
Copyright: Canaanland Music (BMI). Used by Permission.
Album: Everything’s Alright (1971)

1. His love is like a peaceful river
That just keeps a-rolling on and one
He gives me strength when I am weak
Within my heart He gives a happy song

2. His love will never, never leave me
If I walk that narrow, narrow road
His mighty Hand will lift me up
If I fall beneath a heavy load

Love, love, oh, what love
Given from the Father above
He gave me peace, sweet peace of mind
I know I am His, and I know He’s mine

3. As long as we have faith in Jesus
Live a life that’s free from shame and sin
Someday we’ll hear these words of welcome
“My child, you’ve run the race, you’re welcome in.”

Repeat Chorus

I know He’s mine