I’m Going Home Someday

Author: Diane Wilkinson.
Copyright: © Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by Permission.
Album: Live in Atlanta (1983)

1. I traveled the country doing one night stands
Preaching and singing with a five-piece Gospel band
Lord, I get so tired and lonely travelling down a long highway
But you know I’m (I’m) going home someday

I’m coming home to be with Jesus some sweet day
I’m coming home, and when I get there I’m gonna stay
I’m a-gonna rest beside the river of life
All my troubles will be over in that city of life
‘Cause I’m (I’m) going home someday

2. Oh, Lord, I get so lonesome on the road
You know, nobody else but You, Lord, will ever try to share my heavy load
Sometimes they like my singing, sometimes it’s hard to say
But you know I’m (I’m) going home someday

Repeat Chorus