It’s Almost Over

Author: Ann Ballard
Copyright: © Homeward Bound Music / BMI. Used by permission.
Albums: The Prestigious Cathedral Quartet (1984)

1. The winds of war keep raging through the land, far and near
The cry of hungry children, the pain, the falling tear
Nations gather round the table for peace they tried for years
Yet war still rages higher, sweeping through the battlefields

2. We’re living with the greatest promise that we will ever know
The promise came from Heaven, of blessed peace and home
Battles may keep raging higher, but we will have no fear
The Savior’s arms are open, and soon He shall appear

It’s almost over; we are going home
Our Lord is coming to claim His own
Be faithful children, brave and strong
It’s almost over; we are going home.

We’re going Home

Repeat Chorus

It’s almost over
It’s almost over
We are going home