Jesus Saves

Author: Roger Bennett & Debbie Bennett
Copyright: Homeward Bound Music (BMI) / Onward Bound Music (ASCAP). Used by permission.
Album: High and Lifted Up (1993)

1. The church has been silent while the world raised its voice
In loud and angry tones they took the lead
But all across creation, there’s a rumbling in the hills
As the chosen ones of God stand up to make His message known

I’m gonna shout it from the housetops
Proclaim it from the mountaintops
Tell the world around me Jesus saves
I have made my choice; I’m gonna make a joyful noise
The world will hear my voice; Jesus saves

2. The rocks and hills were ready to proclaim the Savior’s might
But the Spirit of the Lord said they should wait
You see, God knew His children were ready to march on
And proclaim His word throughout the land and seal the devil’s fate

3. But the world still tells us daily that God is not alive
And salvation’s plan is just a fairy tale
But their lies don’t change the truth; Jesus died for you
And the Word says His returning could happen any day

(I’ve got to…)

Repeat Chorus

We have heard the joyful sound, Jesus saves, Jesus saves
Spread the tidings all around, Jesus saves, Jesus saves

Repeat Chorus

The world will hear my voice, Jesus saves
The world will hear my voice, Jesus saves
The world will hear my voice, Jesus saves