Now More than Ever

Authors: Mike Miller
Copyright: © Homeward Bound Music / BMI. Used by permission.
Album: Colors of His Love (1981)

Lord, I need You now more than ever

1. Precious Lord, I’m so weak, and it seems any more
This old world gets more wicked every day
I need strength so much stronger than mortal man can offer
More than ever, now Lord, please, I pray

Now more than ever guide my footsteps every day
Now more than ever in the Spirit help me pray
Open up Your Word to me; help my blinded eyes to see
That I need You now more than ever

2. Sometimes Satan comes to me and says, “Your prayers are useless
“The Lord will never hear you again”
But if He doesn’t hear me, why is He forever near me?
And He answers more than ever again

Repeat Chorus

Amen, amen, amen