Oh How Sweet

Author: Kirk Talley.
Copyright: Kirk Talley Music (BMI). Used by permission.
Albums: Oh Happy Day (1982)

1. Once a traveler I was wandering down a road rough and dusty
Satan had me blinded to the things of the Lord
I didn’t know the peace of Jesus, was unaware salvation pleases
Till I trusted Him completely by reading God’s Word

Oh, how sweet to rest in the arms of Jesus
Oh, how sweet to know I’m safe from all harm
Just to know He has saved me, with His mercy forgave me
Oh, how sweet to lean on Jesus’ strong arms

2. He is building me a mansion; His perfect plan needs no expansion
I can hear the raptured church start to sing “Amazing Grace”
There’ll be sunshine and laughter and joy ever after
As we march round walls of japser, see Jesus face to face

Repeat Chorus

Oh how sweet, oh how sweet to lean on Jesus’ strong arms