Read the Book

Author: Bill Flurry.
Copyright: Onward Bound Music (ASCAP). Used by permission.
Albums: Climbing Higher and Higher (1990)

1. Now some folks think life is like a game and nice guys finish last
Pay no attention to rules, they were made for folls; to get ahead you gotta be real fast
But the big letdown is bound to come when you can’t find peace of mind
Not the kind of peace that this old world gives; they need peace of a different kind

God made the rules and He wrote ’em all down
And He gave ’em to all mankind
You can live your way, but soon or later you’ll pay
If you try living over the line
There are a lot of good books that’ll make you anything
From a lawyer to a gourmet cook
But my friend, I want to tell that when all else fails
Why don’t you try reading God’s book

2. You know there’s not a thing that we face in this life
That’s not covered in this blessed rule book
Telling how we should live and how to win in the end
We just ought to take the time to look
Why suffer the pain, mistakes for gain
When you try to play the game your way
Whenever there’s a doubt, check the rule-book out
You need to see what it has to say

Repeat Chorus twice

Why don’t you try reading God’s book