Saved, Saved

Author: Richard Kelly
Copyright: Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by Permission
Albums: Faithful (1998)

1. Jesus stepped out on the Galilee shore
A man who was needy cried out to the Lord
For years he’d been bound up in shackles and chains
But when Jesus had spoken the man gladly proclaimed

I’m saved, saved, wondrously saved
My soul has been rescued from death and the grave
I’m saved, saved, gracefully saved
His grace now abounds and my spirit set free

2. For years I had dwelled in the tombs of despair
To live or to die, at times didn’t care
My life lay in ruin, my heart wrapped in sin
But I met the Savior and my new life began

Repeat Chorus

No longer a slave, I’m a child of the King
I’m an heir to my Father who owns everything
The life I once lived is counted but loss
My sins have been covered by the blood of the cross

Repeat Chorus