Thanks for Loving Me

Author: George Younce and George Amon Webster
Copyright: © Eternal Pub. (SESAC) / Headline Pub. (BMI). Used by permission
Albums: Our Statue of Liberty (1974)

1. Dear Lord, I’ve asked you for
So many things before
For strength to climb each mountain in my way
I’ve asked for strength and health
I’ve even asked for wealth
But from now on, this is the way I’ll pray

Thanks for Loving Me
Thanks for Calvary
Thanks for the riven side, the nail-pierced hand
The crown of thorns You wore
Thanks for Mom and dad
And the good times we had
But most of all, thanks for loving me

2. When I was just a kid
And I knelt by my bed
My thanks to Thee each night I always said
To be a child again
And pray as I prayed then
Lord grant this one request to me, Amen

Repeat Chorus

But most of all, thanks for loving me