There is a Haven

Author: Dianne Wilkinson.
Copyright: © 1991 Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by Permission.
Album: The Best of Times (1991)

1. There is a Haven for every weary traveler
When the storm breaks the stillness of the night
There is a safe place for all the lost and lonely
To find shelter until the morning light

There is a Haven for the weary soul to run to
When you’re tired of all the guilt and all the shame
There is a Savior and His open arms are waiting
There is a Haven and Jesus is His name

2. There is a Haven of comfort for God’s children
You can find it when you speak His name in prayer
He’ll give you rest, then, from all your cares and labors
There’s a Haven, and the Lord will lead you there

Repeat Chorus