Ticket to Paradise

Author: Scotter Simmons.
Copyright: Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by permission.
Album: Land of the Living (1987)

1. I’m so tired of living in a world of my own
Getting kind of homesick to go
Heaven’s just the kind of place I’d like to call Home
It’s the place where I’d be welcome, I know
There are prizes in this world I’d like to attain
Things I’d like to do when I can
But anything that I achieve could not mean the same
As the ticket that I hold in my hand

I’ve got a ticket to Paradise
I’ve got a feeling I’ll be leaving soon, oh, won’t that be nice
I’ve got my bags all packed and I’m ready to go
Can’t hardly wait to leave this land of sorrow and woe
Everything’s gonna be all right
I’ve got a ticket to Paradise

2. Folks are trying every way to get in the gate
Looking for an easier way
Some will shop around to find a cheaper rate
Even though the price is already paid
So if you’re wondering why you haven’t bought your way in
Well, it’s because of just one man
He’s been here once and He is coming back again
And He can put a ticket in your hand

Repeat Chorus