Walking Down Here, Thinking Up There

Author: Gary Dorsey
Copyright: Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by permission.
Albums: Individually (1983)

Walking down here, thinking up there
Where my Savior is
That is where I long to be
Where I wanna live
As long as I live down here
I won’t be complete
But I’ll walk down here, think up there
Till in His arms I’ll sleep

1. Be not conformed to this world
But transformed in your mind
Think about what’s up ahead
Not what you’ll leave behind
I know we have to live down here
But our hearts should long to go
To be with Jesus
The One who loves us so

Repeat Chorus

2. All the people that I see
Walking around
Thinking how they might succeed
To be the biggest name in town
But Jesus said, “Come unto Me
“I’ve got a mansion for you”
“Walk down there, think up here,
“And I’ll see you through.”

Repeat Chorus