What Will You Do for Jesus?

Author: Mark Trammell.
Copyright: © 1989 Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by Permission.
Album: Climbing Higher and Higher (1990)

What will you do for Jesus?
He’s done so much for you?
He gave His life a ransom for sin
What will you do for Him?

1. (narration) Lord, You said “Greater love has no man
“But that he lay down his life for a friend”
And then You called me “Friend” and laid down your life
I don’t know if I understand love enough to die for a friend
But Lord, help me to love enough to lay my life on the line for you as I live
Help me to take risks, reach out my hand, open up my heart for those in my life
For love of You
Give me greater love

Repeat Chorus