Where the Milk and Honey Flow

Authors: Tommy Nelson, Terry Howard
Copyright: Homeward Bound Music (BMI). Used by Permission.
Albums: Faithful (1998)

1. Weighed down under sin’s heavy load
I found it was a dead-end road
But now I’m bound for Heaven’s abode
Since Jesus came and rescued me
This place I no longer call home
His grace keeps pulling me on
To where no trace of sin will be known
That’s where my heart now longs to be

No more crying, no more dying
Tears of separation all past
No more lonely, happy only
With many friends and loved ones forever at last
With my Savior’s eternal favor
We’ll hear the half that’s never been told
We’ll be singing, voices ringing
Where the milk and honey flow

2. I feel surely you’ll want to go
Where sweet living waters flow
I know you will not regret it, so
Come along, take Jesus by the hand
To where there’s a city of light
Up there never comes the night
Give Him your cares and join the flight
To that glorious Promised Land

Repeat Chorus twice