What Remains

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1. The cancer’s spread beyond all treatment
He hears the doctor break the news
As he says goodbye to his wife and children
They shed a tear for what he’ll lose

His son’s commencement, his daughter’s wedding
What is taken seems everything

CHORUS. But what remains is a Shepherd who will lead His sheep
Where what remains, death cannot consume
What remains is the promise that the day will come
When what remains is an empty tomb

2. A sudden illness, a hurting child
The doctors tried all they know
Across the nation, friends pray for healing
God hears and listens, but answers “no”

An empty carseat, a tiny tombstone
The grieving parents seem all alone

Repeat chorus

Authors & Composers

Lyrics: Daniel J. Mount, Ben Garms | Melody: Daniel J. Mount

Publishing Information

© 2015 Tomorrow’s Hymns/BMI | The Song Spot/BMI

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